Handmade | Direct from the villages | Using traditional skills | Natural dyes...

TaiBaan's handwoven, natural cottons and silks are the foundation of our home collection, which includes bedspreads, pillow and cushion covers, runners, and other versatile items for the home. All are handwoven and finished in the village. From dyeing and weaving to finishing work, the value-added income stays in the village.

Our bamboo producer groups weave wonderful, multi-purpose baskets that can be used to store clothes and toys or serve as a laundry basket. Tableware, such as bamboo placemats and coasters, come in a range of woven patterns and colors.

In addition to using natural fibers, materials and dyes, TaiBaan is committed to reducing waste and upcycling, when possible. For example, most of our cotton coasters are created from remnant cotton leftover from the construction of bedding, bags and pillows. Nothing goes to waste and everything is done to consciously reduce waste and protect the environment.