Handmade | Direct from the villages | Using traditional skills | Natural dyes...

TaiBaan works with cotton weavers in Savannakhet, Sayaboury, Oudomxai, and Luang Prabang Provinces, where the people of the Phu-Tai, Tai-Leu, and Tai-Dam ethnic groups have a long standing tradition of cotton production. These groups grow a native variety of short-fiber cotton and dye with natural, plant-based dyes.

Traditionally, the weavers weave the cotton into indigo-dyed checkered cloth, which are used as loincloths and sarongs for men, as well as for headscarves and household linens. The distinctive ikat patterns on our cotton products are rooted in Phu-Tai, Tai-Leu, and Tai-Dam weaving patterns. Each item is hand spun, hand dyed with natural dyes, and hand woven on traditional wooden looms.

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