Handmade | Direct from the villages | Using traditional skills | Natural dyes...

TaiBaan produces a collection of handbags, totes, carryalls, crossbody bags, and clutches, as well as smaller bags and pouches to suit any lifestyle and occasion. For our tech-savvy consumers, we also produce accessories for iPad, laptops, and other smart devices!

Our village artisans only use hand-woven and hand-dyed cotton, silk, bamboo, hemp, and jungle vine (keua piek) to craft all these beautiful bags and pouches. From dyeing and weaving to the finishing work, the value-added income stays in the village.

In addition to using natural fibers, materials and dyes, TaiBaan is committed to reducing waste and upcycling, when possible. Many of our bags are lined with remnant fabrics and fibers. Nothing goes to waste and everything is done to consciously reduce waste and protect the environment.