Preserving our ancient history through arts & handicrafts...

Villagers, The Protectors of our Traditions

TaiBaan, formerly Saoban, was started by PADETC, Lao NGO, as a fair trade social business that works with traditional handicraft artisans to preserve and promote Lao village crafts, create employment opportunities for villagers – mostly women – and reduce poverty.

TaiBaan means ‘village or a community of villages’ in the Lao language. It seeks to preserve, renew, and rebrand the ancient Lao crafts and techniques of the diverse ethnic population of Laos and showcase them to the world.

TaiBaan works both on improving the production and marketing of the Lao multi-ethnic handcrafts traditions by broadening its product range, product quality and securing domestic and foreign markets on behalf of rural artisan groups.

TaiBaan is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization, and strictly adheres to international fair trade principles to ensure that artisans receive a fair price for their products and all benefits extend to the whole community.

To date, TaiBaan works with about 15 village crafts groups numbering more than 250 women producers across ten provinces in Laos.