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Akha Chameleon Stuffed Animal


A mix of tie-dyed fabric made by Phu Thai ethnics
and embroidery and decorations by the Akha people.

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Established in remote hills in Phongsaly, Laos. Akha women are easily recognizable because of their homemade costumes. Black clothes are decorated with colorful embroidery, coins, pompoms and all kinds of trifles. Since they started to make embroideries for sale, the women have shown great motivation, a surprising work capacity and an overflowing creativity.

Akha women are very hard workers, and not to waste time, they embroider as they are walking to their fields or to the market. Even old women who don’t see very well anymore still want to embroider. This can sometimes explain a feeling of roughness but this could be seen as evidence of Akha women real talented vitality.
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